" Think Different & Be Unique "

Thanima a unique family when the enthusiasm is sky-high no task is impossible and this enthusiasm and passion to innovate, implement, the unquenchable thirst ,and drive to excel keeps our engines rolling on and on…Thanima the name is really worth commendable…

We came, We saw, We conquered the minds and hearts of many. When you know what you want and want it badly enough you will find a way to get it. Wherever we go, wherever we are, our sweet home lures and beckons us every now and then, with a tinkling nostalgia caressing our beings. THANIMA carries this sweetest pain that is nostalgia, symbolizing the Human and Nostalgic Interaction of Malayalees Abroad an elite organization which came into being in 2005, a milieu of collective minds who admire simplicity and virtues of Keralite culture and unto our mother we bow in respect upholding the overriding philosophy of unity in diversity.

THANIMA is a unison of minds ,hearts and myriad cultures carrying the theme of unity and togetherness. We are one, be it in unknown pastures, unknown lands. THANIMA is adept to seek, to yield and not to succumb. We are an organization with an unappeased yearning to dedicate and devote ourselves in noble causes. Thanima has undertaken such a great venture of uniting myriad minds, cultures, castes under one common roof with a reverberation of innovative ideas, effective programs, cultural extravaganza bringing a miniature world of Keralite culture and ideals all through the years forging ahead with a saga of success...


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